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Our Tree Felling and Removal services cover Cornwall, St Austell & Truro

Working on complicated trees in restricted spaces is a highly specialised skill and one which professional tree surgeon Tom Pugh excels at.

There are high risks and dangers when working in such environments, and therefore should only be attempted by a qualified experienced arborist.

Whether it be with ropes and pullies to remove parts of or whole trees or the use of cranes, there is nothing we cannot tackle.

Our reputation has grown into one of the area’s leading large and complex tree care companies in Truro, St Austell and surrounding areas of Cornwall.

Expert Tree Surgeon in Felling & Dismantling

We can carry out work on trees of all sizes using modern techniques.

Health and safety is a priority. We ensure that trees are taken down in a completely controlled and safe manner to avoid damage to nearby property.

With the use of modern, safe and reliable rigging equipment, we can ensure a tree is dismantled with very little interruption to the surrounding area.

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