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Tree Felling & Removal

Working on complicated trees in restricted spaces, or with targets underneath is a highly specialised skill, and one which Tom Pugh excels at, be it with ropes and pullies to remove parts of or whole trees or the use of cranes, there is nothing we cannot tackle. Indeed our reputation has grown into one of the area’s leading large and complex tree care companies.

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Stump Grinding

Removal of your tree may only be part of the job, as there will be a stump left afterwards. In many cases this is not a relevant concern, however if there is a requirement for stump removal then Tom Pugh can offer a reliable, quick and cost-effective stump grinding service, with one of the largest stump grinders operating in Cornwall, allowing us to be extremely competitive, and to get the job completed faster than most other tree surgery companies. This means we are also able to create less disturbance to the client with increased efficiency. However this doesn’t rule out small stump grinding either with our specialist narrow access high capacity grinder.

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Emergency Call Out

With our commitment to customer service, we offer a 24hour emergency call out service. We can liaise with other relevant services as necessary and ensure a smooth and timely response to your emergency requirements, leading to a solution with the minimum disturbance possible in what is usually a very stressful situation.

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Tom Pugh has experience of all aspects of forestry, be it small parcels of woodland that require management to large-scale commercial felling operations. We can offer advice on the management of your woodland through selective felling, clear-felling, thinning etc, and can arrange largescale commercial felling if that is the requirement.

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Tree Care Management

Tom Pugh is committed to the best quality and also best value tree management; in fact, the two go hand in hand. The long-term future of your tree or trees, however small or large, is determined by the way they are pruned. “Topping and lopping” are two words that have no place in Tom Pugh’s vocabulary, as both terms are used by those lacking in understanding of trees. These activities also result in an increased long-term cost to the client, as the reaction from the poorly pruned tree will force premature and excessive return visits, and poor health of the tree and the clients’ wallet! Working with the client, be it for safety, development or personal preference such as requiring light back into a garden, Tom Pugh can be counted upon to deliver the most cost-effective and long-term results, working within clients schedules.

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Mobile sawmilling

Whether you have your tree felled or have a fallen tree in your garden or elsewhere on your property, however difficult the access, we can turn it into sawn timber. With a vast knowledge and understanding from years of sawmilling alongside the tree surgery side of the business, Tom Pugh can not only saw your tree but advise on the best way to saw the tree to give optimum value to your raw product, taking into account size, location, species and projected end use.

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