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Stump grinding services in Cornwall

Removal of your tree may only be part of the job, as there will be a stump left afterwards.

In many cases this is not a relevant concern, however, if there is a requirement for stump removal, then Tom Pugh can offer a reliable, quick and cost-effective stump grinding service, with one of the largest stump grinders operating in Cornwall, allowing us to be extremely competitive, and to get the job completed faster than most other tree surgery companies.

For stump grinding in Cornwall, our team is fully qualified and insured. Working in hard-to-reach places, confined spaces, and on difficult terrains such as marshland, banks, and unstable ground is one of our specialities.

By removing tree stumps with stump grinders, the roots are effectively destroyed, as the stump is ground into chippings. To remove stumps and surface roots with minimal damage to the ground, we use the latest narrow access equipment.

The size, location and number of stumps to be removed will determine our prices. We are able to remove the smallest to largest of stumps and perform stump grinding in Cornwall.

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Recycling stump waste

When the stump is removed, the waste naturally mixes with the soil, which is then used to backfill the hole. Our recommendation is not to remove it from the site in order to prevent the spread of pathogens to other sites. The cost of disposing of arisings would be added to your quotation.

We lower the stump below ground level using advanced machinery to the required depth, usually 30cm (1ft) below ground level. Our goal is to prevent the regrowth of the stump by removing the root ball. To protect and prevent scattered chippings, we use protective boarding and other equipment, leaving the area tidy and clear.

For replanting or reseeding, we grind a tree’s stump and surface roots so they are ready for further use. a service we also offer!

Our machines are kept safe and operationally sound, and they are serviced on a daily basis. The result is a safer working environment for our employees and fewer downtimes and breakdowns.

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