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Emergency Tree Surgeons services in Cornwall

Emergency Tree SurgeonsWith our commitment to customer service, we offer a 24hour emergency tree surgeon call out service in Cornwall.

There are often no warnings before trees fall. Storms & high winds can be the cause, as can neglect or a natural act. We have to deal with fallen trees every day because they block roads and train tracks, damage buildings and vehicles and, above all else, interfere with our lives. We have a team of expert arborists ready to respond to such emergencies.

Our team will deal with the fallen tree quickly and efficiently, cutting the tree into more manageable sections and removing them for disposal. We promise to respond to any emergency tree situation as soon as we can, no matter what time of the day or night.

We can liaise with other relevant services as necessary and ensure a smooth and timely response to your emergency requirements, leading to a solution with the minimum disturbance possible in what is usually a very stressful situation.

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24-hour Call out

Tom Pugh Mobile Timber Services is the company to call if you need emergency tree removal. It is extremely stressful to have a tree fall onto a road or property unexpectedly, causing damage as well as a major disruption. For the area to return to normal, emergency tree removal must be quick and efficient.

We provide safe and controlled site clearance, tree removal, and emergency tree removal. Our 24-hour call out service for hazardous trees is staffed by experienced arborists prepared to act appropriately and arrive quickly on-site. With our first-class service and our ability to get the job done with minimal disruption, you can count on us to be there when you need us. We are fully insured and have extensive knowledge of health and safety regulations.

Following storm damage caused by extreme weather and storm damage caused by storms, we work with authorities and emergency services to meet the needs of everyone. A full inspection of large trees around roads is important even if no damage is visible. Trees may be unstable and susceptible to falling.

Within a short period of time, we can usually be on-site with all of the equipment necessary to handle fallen trees that have fallen on homes, businesses, or are blocking roads.

Upon assessing the situation, we will quickly remove any fallen trees and clean up any debris.

Inspection of storm damage

Despite the fact that no trees have fallen, some trees may have been damaged and pose an immediate risk. Following a storm, we are happy to inspect your property to determine if trees that suffered damage are a threat to your property.

We can also help you establish strategies for preventing storm damage to trees before it happens. Upon visiting your property, Tom Pugh Mobile Timber Services will inspect the surrounding landscape, make recommendations, and provide additional safety measures.

Besides knowing what to look for in terms of decay, our trained specialists can also perform a climbing inspection to evaluate the condition more closely. The root system of a weak tree can be strengthened with braces which are then trimmed and pruned carefully if it is at risk of falling unexpectedly.

Trees that are completely rotten may be safely removed before they eventually fall; however, this must be done by a trained tree surgeon, and should never be attempted by an amateur.

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